Here you have another character of the FGC. Some would say, "Loren? So how good is she at fighting games?" Do not be mistaken, he is not a she. He has made his mark in the Marvel vs Capcom scene. Having one of the biggest money matches in Marvel vs Capcom 2 at the amount of $50,000. Some get it confused and think he made that much in the money match but he made about 6k. His team of Magneto, Storm, and Sentinel has brought him a long way. He will however tell you that it's Magnegro, Sentijamal, and whatever he thinks storm is. Who knows where he got sentijamal from. He can also play the piano by ear.

Alot of things can be said about this character. He talks alot depending on his location, otherwise he's quiet as a q-tip. One of the many reasons people don't like him is because of his logic and his loudmouth. He also sweats some mediocre solid 4 named Sherryjenix. Many do not know why. Maybe it's because he knows he cannot achieve anything greater in the female species. He rates this solid 4 an 8 which is ridiculous but it shows how dumb he really is. Even this mediocre jenix is out of his league.

His bestfriend is Knive. He invited Knives into the FGC and ever since the two have been inseperable. He has won a handful of locals such as the Runback, and he's won a major for the first time.

In 2013 at Capcom Cup, Fanatiq did a $2,000 money match with Nemo offstream. Loren got bodied and offered to pay with Paypal.

He is also really, really good at making music and does so on his stream, which is